All done now – Episode 65 (epilogue)

Here it is, then.

Some of the comments that follow will be spoilers of the story itself, mind.

Yeah, I figured that pretty deep into the story the whole purpose of the Phoenix story was to offer a clean(ish) slate for it to end; my argument was that Athrun and Kira had achieved such power and prowess that regardless of what they did with it, they were perceived as a threat. Nightfall was the existential opposite of them, trying to argue that with only a few pushes and prods, violence would descend again, and when he challenged Kira and Athrun directly, he wanted to claim that a world that relied on a few individuals would be only postponing its destruction.

It seems like a lot important people buy the farm, including a few additional acres. I tried to add a little more drama to make the ending, dare I say, even touching. The scene at the beach and Nightfall floating alone in space, embracing the universe as his body floated towards the sun. It was crucial to write his end in the way that he didn’t even get to die in battle against his “fated” adversaries to underscore the futility of his agenda. In the rewrite into novel-format, if I ever manage to complete it, I might make him even more of a tragic hero, like Milton’s Satan in Paradise Lost, who feels he is simply acting out the part that had been given to him, not really believing in it and knowing he would lose.

Oh yeah, and Shinn has orange eyes, in case you forgot. πŸ˜‰ That one scene, if nothing else, seems to undo everything Kira and Athrun sacrificed for, so that’s why I am a little hesitant about including it, and in fact finishing off with it. What do you think?

It’s been a long, splendid ride. Thanks again for all my supporters, even though some of them have fallen off the wagon in the long drudgery that was this project. Thanks to the quiet readers too, I hope this was interesting and even a bit entertaining for you. Now, if I can make a final request, let me know if you think I should rewrite it at all. Would you like to see this story, updated, on e.g. FF.net? It would make me feel motivated if you said yes. πŸ˜‰


Episode 64.5 – Last episode is called “The Path Least Trodden”

So here it is, finally.

I hope you’ve been waiting for it, but in a good way. πŸ™‚

So yeah, a lot of stuff but in very little room; there are only two scenes (as in, not four) this time. But this isn’t exactly perfect, I have to admit. πŸ˜‰ It’s the pacing that gives me concern; like with the ending to 64.5; I am wondering if it would be better to end with the detonation of Beowulfe. I don’t know if I should’ve given Nightfall the last moment but it didn’t fit the epilogue either (you will see why). I do aim for maximum dramatic impact there if I can, and I do hope it works. I also know I have a problem with setting the tone which has gone on throughout the story. I seriously tried to write a story, but I couldn’t always write it seriously, if you know what I mean. And I definitely didn’t want to go grimdark, even if I did off a whole lot of people even from the canon and my own cast.

So where are we know? Almost done, only the epilogue to go which is something I am still figuring out myself. I’m definitely not aiming for a sequel, but you never know. And speaking of aims, it seems to me that this project has taken close to five years (four of which on Mechatalk forums, no less). Seriously, a four year anniversary barely avoided? Back in the day when I first started this I was certain I would be done in a year, with 12 episodes, tops. Fantastic, I will never make any estimations about my writing ever again. πŸ˜€

Anyway, once more, here is the last official episode to Gundam Seed Phoenix. It’s been a fantastic ride, and I hope you’ve been at least entertained. Stay tuned for the epilogue.

Oh, and a quick addition, I do have to give massive proprs for CHASER for sticking with this project to the end, carefully and diligently proofreading my stuff. His help has been invaluable; having a beta-reader keeps you so much more motivated. πŸ™‚


Close to the end: Episode 64 – No More

Hello readers or occasional people who have wandered by. It’s almost time to close the curtains on this show, and quite clearly on some members of the cast, too. It was to be expected, I suppose, because those people I had slotted for a dramatic death needed to get theirs. Possibly some still need to get theirs at a later moment.

This is the last “whole” episode; the next one will be a concluding chapter that is only half of the usual length, and then there is an epilogue as well. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride, it’s really great to see this project through, mostly because it gives me energy to continue on the rewrite into a classic novel-format. That is progressing too.

If you have questions or comments on the way I’ve handled some characters, or how I’ve written them out, feel free to comment either here or in MAHQ. Shinn, in particular I think, is a character that divides people and as such my treatment of him may give cause for comment.


Episode 63 – The Dance of the Second Moon

Okay, so I’ll spoil the title. The Beowulfe is like a second moon, and the protagonists (and antagonists, sure) are doing a wee dance around it. It’s brilliant, no? No? Oh well.

Kira: [frustrated] Damn it, why won’t you go down?!
Shinn: [jeers] Yeah, not so fun when that happens to you, is it?

Are we there yet, some impatient kids might ask. Almost, I would reply, almost. About 2 episodes to go, so if you’re tuning in now, you’re way too late. Go back and ready from the start! :D

The most final of all final battles still rages, with Shinn, Athrun, Kira, Maverick/Nightfall and a whole bunch of others. The gods of the plot demand more blood to be sacrificed on the altar of poor imitation of kill’em-all-Tomino.


Episode 62 – The Chase is up

Hi all, please find episode 62 up and about. Well, it ain’t exactly moving, so that was incorrect.

SO maybe Nightfall has some doubts, yeah, but when he gets back into crossing swords with Kira the whole issue becomes crystallized for him again. He is in a way what Destiny was all about; someone who is living out what he sees as his destiny in the world.

The launch scene in this one is directly inspirated by the scene in Gundam Seed, Phase 46 (or was it 47?) where the good guys all launch in turn with suitably heroic music in the background.Β  I absolutely love that scene as a set-up for the final battle and wanted to recreate it. I guess it doesn’t work as well on paper. πŸ™‚


Episode 61 is up for grabs

So here we are with Episode 61 – All the King’s Men, which is a reference to the great story of Humpty-Dumpty.

We’re getting ready for the final stretch, one more chase, one more battle to go.

Also, I might as well mention here that I’ve started rewriting this whole thing out of the script-format into a more novel-oriented approach. The rewrite has so far made the story more concise and shorter, and I feel it really has benefited from this process. Once Phoenix is done in this, its current from, I will probably do it again as a novel, maybe get it under 60 episodes and make it a more enjoyable read.


Episode 60 is here!

The royal smackdown around PLANT draws to an exciting(?) close! How many cast members more shall be sent to the final credits’ “In Memoriam” -section? How many will succeed in cheating death? How can this not end the entire series? Those questions and many more shall be answered (or not) in this latest episode of Gundam Seed Phoenix – 60 – Tempting Oblivion. So go read it!

Ah, an important note; this episode is a little longer (5 scenes) since I wanted to wrap up the battle with this episode. Three, four episodes of nothing but fighting and stuff blowing up needs a moment of diversion, yeah? My only worry is that this battle was so climatic that any follow-ups cannot get the same momentum going. But that would be my shortcoming as the writer, wouldn’t it? πŸ˜‰

So still a few more episodes to go until we’re all done, but the finish line is so close you can smell it. This long road is finally winding down to the end. Maybe it is a cute cul-de-sac.


Episode 59 is up; time for The Verdict

Still a lot of stuff exploding, oh my! More people dying! Some a little stupidly. Occasionally maybe the tone for a battle isn’t exactly what you would expect. Do people make jokes under fire? I am pretty sure they’d have to, if only to take their mind off the fact they’re going to soil themselves at any minute. So Maverick hands down a Verdict. How will the defendant plea?


Episode 58 – Acts of Violence – is up!

If previous episode titles have seemed a little dramatic, maybe this one is a little redundant. Stuff blowing up, a lot! The previous episode was called Decimation, and I know that actually stands for “a loss of one in ten”, but I reckon this smackdown at PLANT is bringing you way more corpses than that. Between Daelon and Vulture, Kira and Maverick, Athrun and Shinn and all the other heroes of C.E. we could have nothing less than that.

Okay there might be a few cases here, Kira’s opening lines in the episode to be more exact, that break the tenor and tone of a “serious” episode, but as I’ve said before, C.E. simply does not allow me to write seriously for it. Sometimes a joke writes itself into the narrative and because it makes the writing process more endurable, I am not that worried about admitting them in. πŸ™‚

Anyway, enjoy.


Episode 57- Decimation

What ho, peasants?
It is a new episode! Episode 57 – Decimation. And again, not very creative, a little dramatic, but quite fitting, I like to think. The smackdown in PLANT is getting exceedingly serious. It is almost too massive. Okay, it is too massive. More people dying, and lots of stuff blowing up. It’s Gundam! Less comedy in this one, though. You can find the whole episode in the usual place, but once more the crappy WordPress blog threw the first two scenes in the wrong place, this time before episode 56. I have to be doing it wrong, whatever it is. πŸ˜›